Regulations covering emissions from construction machinery to be intro

29/05/2015 14:41:00

Regulations covering emissions from construction machinery to be introduced in London

Regulations covering emissions from construction machinery to be introduced in London The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced new regulations which will reduce exhaust emissions from construction machinery starting from September 2015.

The regulations will apply to all construction machinery with a power output in the range 37-560 kW and will be implemented through the planning system.

The air quality in London is frequently in breach of European standards in respect of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, however neither the Mayor nor the government have made dealing with this issue a priority.

The new regulations covering building sites in the capital are frankly rather unambitious but must still be welcomed as a step in the right direction.

Construction machinery sold in Europe needs to comply with rules which limit the emissions of various toxins including oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter. There are various different stages of these rules, each with a progressively lower limit to reflect improvements in technology.

The so-called ‘stage 3a’ limits were introduced between 2006 and 2008 whilst ‘stage 3b’ limits were introduced between 2011 and 2013. Since 2014 the standard which applies to new construction machinery is known as ‘stage 4’.

Engine manufacturers generally installed diesel particulate filters to meet the ‘stage 3b’ limits, and SCR systems (which also reduce oxides of nitrogen) to comply with stage 4.

The new regulations which apply in London are based on these European limits, and are intended to ban machinery which is more than one or two stages behind current regulations.

The rules will be applied differently depending on the location of the site, with sites in the ‘central activity zone’ and Canary Wharf being required to use machinery which is no more than one stage behind the current European standards, whilst sites further out will be allowed to use machinery which is two stages behind the current standards.

Starting from September 2015, construction machinery used on sites in the ‘central activity zone’ or Canary Wharf will need to comply with the ‘stage 3b’ limits. This means that machines built before 2011 are unlikely to comply.

For major sites outside the ‘central activity zone’ or Canary Wharf, construction machinery will need to meet the ‘stage 3a’ limits, which effectively outlaws machines built before 2006.

Older machinery which does not comply with these regulations will either need to be replaced, or retrofitted with improved exhaust technology so that it does comply.

Further details about the regulations can be found by following this Link.


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