Off-board Cleaning

Diesel particulate filters which are removed for periodic cleaning are a good solution where the engine does not require its exhaust to be filtered on a long-term basis. Because the exhaust temperature is irrelevant, they can be installed at the end of the exhaust system and are often connected to the tailpipe using flexible hose. No electrical connection is required and installation/removal is quick and simple making this approach ideal for hire equipment.

It is also invaluable for periodic testing and commissioning of diesel generators.

Another important application is where vehicles are started so that they can be driven in workshops or factories. In this situation, the filter can quickly be connected and disconnected using an inflatable collar.

The need for cleaning is apparent when the ‘clean’ side of the filter turns black, but as an alternative an electronic backpressure monitor can be installed which warns the driver by either turning on a red light or sounding a buzzer.

To clean the filter, it is put into a kiln for several hours. We can do this on behalf of our customers if they keep a spare set of elements for use whilst one set is being cleaned. Alternatively we can supply the equipment so that customers can clean their own filters on site.

We supply this type of filter for engines up to 200 kW but multiple elements can be combined into a single unit for larger applications.

Off-board Cleaning
(Photo: Filter for temporary use in tractor factory)

Off-board Cleaning
(Photo: Inflatable coupling for temporary filter)