Long term filters <20kW

Blackthorn has developed a unique type of long life diesel particulate filter which is especially suitable for use on small diesel engines with low temperature exhaust gas, which are often used to power compact plant and machinery.

The filter element consists of a perforated metal tube, around the outside of which a special type of glass fibre strand is woven.

The exhaust gas passes along the inside of this metal tube, one end of which is blocked off, then through the perforations followed by the porous layer of glass fibre strands which trap the diesel particulate matter but allow the remainder of the exhaust gas to pass through.

The typical filtration efficiency is about 85%.

The really clever part is that the perforated metal tube is also designed to be a heater element, and this enables the accumulated diesel particulate matter to be burnt off, thereby cleaning the filter.

The filter elements need cleaning after about 8 hours’ running, and the cleaning process takes about 15 minutes.

Since this must be done with the engine turned off, the driver’s lunch break is a good point to do it. The process is very simple, and is as follows:

  • A portable 24 volt power pack is connected
  • The ‘start’ button is pressed
  • After about 15 minutes , the system switches itself off
  • The portable power pack is disconnected and plugged into the mains (110 or 240 volt) to recharge the batteries

Customers in the construction or tunnelling industry tend to appreciate the portability of the power pack because it means that the filter can be cleaned wherever the machine happens to be.

However, as an alternative we can supply a transformer which can be wall mounted near to a suitable mains power supply.

(Photo: Powerpack for cleaning Diesel Particulate Filter)

(Photo: Diesel Particulate Filter in housing)


(Photo: Diesel Particulate Filter on mini excavator)