These catalytic converters require the customer to cut away part of the existing exhaust pipe and fit the catalytic converter in its place.

They are ideal for one-off retrofit situations, and can usually be installed in well under an hour. Inlet and outlet cones are included so the customer will not require any fabrication capability.

We also offer a choice of concentric or off-set cones (off-set cones can be very useful where space is tight).

In most cases we make the in-line catalytic converter so that it can be sleeved over the existing exhaust tube and then clamped in place, but alternative methods of attachment are possible, please ask for details.

Common applications for in-line catalytic converters are forklift trucks (both gas and diesel), plant and machinery and generators.

You can see the full specification of our in-line catalytic converters for forklift trucks by following this link:

In-line catalytic converters for forklift trucks



(Photo: Inline Catalytic Converter)