Front Pipes

Blackthorn can supply bespoke exhaust pipes incorporating a catalytic converter, and this is often the best option for a customer requiring a batch of products because they get exactly what they require with no compromises. Batch sizes start at one and there is no upper limit.

We offer a choice of materials including mild steel, aluminised mild steel, and various grades of stainless steel.

In general, we use mandrel tube bends which avoid any crushing of the tube, and therefore exhibit better gas flow characteristics. We have a wide range of tooling available for mandrel tube bending, and can make very tight bends such as 1D in the most common tube sizes.

Front pipes can be painted with heat resistant black or silver paint which tolerates temperatures of up to 600 C, and can also be metal sprayed with molten aluminium where additional external corrosion resistance is required.

As regards design, we are happy to work from drawings, 3D models or physical patterns.


(Photo: Bespoke Frontpipe revisedprop)