Exhibition in Munich. Launch of diesel particulate filter system

Blackthorn has decided to launch its active diesel particulate filter system for engines under 20 kW in the German market, and therefore Julian Hammond, the Managing Director of Blackthorn, will be present at Bauma in Munich on 11, 12 and 13th April.

Bauma is the World’s leading trade fair for the construction industry, which is the target market for Blackthorn’s system as many items of plant and machinery, such as mini-excavators, have engines with a power output below 20 kW.

Booth C3.100A

The exhaust emissions from diesel engines with a power output of 20 kW and over have been reduced substantially in recent years due to increasingly stringent regulations, however engines below 20 kW are largely unaffected. This does not matter in most cases, however where diesel-powered plant and machinery is used in a confined space the emissions of diesel particulate matter are a serious health hazard. For this reason, Blackthorn developed a special type of diesel particulate filter for these applications. The unique features of Blackthorn’s filter system are as follows:

  • It can be used on any diesel engine, irrespective of the exhaust gas temperature
  • It does not need to be wired in to the electrical system of the machine
  • It does not need any additives
  • It does not need to be removed from the machine for cleaning
  • The overall dimensions are very compact
  • Operating and maintaining it are both extremely simple

The Blackthorn small engine filter system is self-cleaning, and this takes about 30 minutes during each eight hour’s operation. To carry out the cleaning process, an electrical lead from the 24 volt power pack supplied is connected to the filter, then a button is pressed. When the cleaning process is finished, the driver simply disconnects the lead, connects the power pack to a mains electrical supply so it is ready for next time, and gets on with his work !


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