Four-element systems

This is an active diesel particulate filter system suitable for all diesel engines up to 20 kW, such as those used on plant and machinery and generators. It reduces emissions of diesel particulate matter by about 75%, and can be used on literally any application, because it does not rely on the heat of the exhaust to ‘regenerate’ i.e. clean itself.

We leant one of these to a team from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, so that they could enter the ‘Clean Snowmobile Challenge’. They fitted it to a snowmobile powered by a Kubota 898cc engine producing 19.8 kW, and won their class with an emissions figure of 2.65 mg/kW-hr.

The fact that exhaust temperature is irrelevant also means that it can be installed at any point in the exhaust system, and in many cases the existing exhaust system is left intact and our DPF is installed downstream, often connected to the tailpipe using flexible metal hose. It doesn’t even need to be connected to the engine’s electrical system.

Typically, it permits about eight hours’ running before it needs regenerating. To do this, the engine is switched off (or the DPF is bypassed), then a 48 volt DC or AC power supply is connected. The ‘start’ button is pressed, then after 15 minutes the cleaning cycle is complete and the DPF can be used again.

The power supply can be a battery pack or transformer. The advantage of the battery pack is that it allows the DPF to be regenerated in locations where there is no mains power available.

Many of our customers like this system because it is not too complicated. It is simple to install, operate and maintain, as well as very reliable. There are no consumables to worry about, and even if someone forgets to clean it, the engine will normally still run.

As it is a self-contained system and requires no commissioning, we are happy to supply it to customers worldwide. We are also interested in talking to companies which wish to manufacture it under licence.