Two-element systems

We designed this system to filter the exhaust from mini excavators which are used in confined spaces, but it is also ideal for other small items of non-road mobile machinery as well as small diesel generators.

Our system is designed in two parts:

1) a housing containing two filter elements, the air pump and electronics, for mounting on the machine

2) a portable battery pack containing two deep-cycle batteries and a charger

On an item of mobile machinery, the regeneration is carried out at the end of each shift, with the engine turned off, and requires the machine operator to simply connect a cable between the battery pack and the housing, then press the ‘start’ button.

This system has proved itself to be very effective and reliable.


Power supply required

  • 110-230 VAC, 3 Amps (to charge the batteries)


  • Plant and machinery with diesel engines producing up to 10 kW
  • Standby diesel generators up to 10 kVa
  • Ideal for the plant hire industry


  • Typically allows eight hours’ running between regenerations
  • Regeneration only takes 15 minutes
  • Works at any exhaust gas temperature
  • Engine will normally still run if filter is not regenerated at the required intervals (but will emit black smoke)
  • Easy installation, downstream of the silencer
  • Simple operation
  • Very reliable
  • Filter elements do not need to be replaced
  • Portable power pack permits regeneration in places where there is no mains power supply available