Nine-element systems

We designed our nine-element fibre filter system with 50 kVa stand-by generators in mind. Our system consists of three parts:

  1. A filter housing containing nine heated filter elements
  2. A control panel containing the electrics
  3. An air pump

The control panel needs to be wired in to the mains, and incorporates the button which is used to start the regeneration process. On a standby-generator it is best practice to regenerate the filter after each test run, but we also include an exhaust backpressure monitoring system in the control panel which illuminates an LED if the backpressure gets too high.

Power supply required

  • 110 VAC, 50 Amp


  • Plant and machinery with diesel engines producing up to 50 kW
  • Standby diesel generators up to 50 kVa


  • Typically allows eight hours’ running between regenerations
  • Regeneration only takes 15 minutes
  • Engine will normally still run even if the filter is not regenerated at the required intervals (but will emit black smoke)
  • Reduces particulate emissions by about 80% by mass
  • Works at any exhaust gas temperature
  • Easy installation, downstream of the silencer
  • Simple operation
  • Very reliable