Four-element systems

We designed this system with non-road mobile machinery in mind, but it is also ideal for small generators. As with our twin-element system, we supply it in two parts:

1) A housing containing the filter elements, air pump and electronics, which is normally mounted on the excavator

2) A power pack containing deep-cycle batteries and a charger

For customers which don’t require the benefits of portability, we can supply a transformer instead of
the power pack.


Another option is to mount the filter housing and power pack on a trolley, which is useful on applications which don’t move around much, for instance mini-cranes or generators.

In 2018 we gave one of these systems to the University of Wisconsin, so that they could take part in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, an annual event organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers in which engineering students compete to produce the snowmobile with the lowest emissions.

Using a snowmobile fitted with an 898 cc, 19.8 kW Kubota engine, the team we sponsored won the diesel category, with a particulate emissions figure of 2.65 mg/

Power supply required

  • 110-230 VAC, 3 Amps (to charge the batteries)


  • Plant and machinery with diesel engines producing up to 20 kW
  • Standby diesel generators up to 20 kVa
  • Ideal for the plant hire industry


  • Typically allows eight hours’ running between regenerations
  • Regeneration only takes 15 minutes
  • Works at any exhaust gas temperature
  • Engine will normally still run even if the filter is not regenerated (but will emit black smoke)
  • Easy installation, downstream of the silencer
  • Simple operation
  • Very reliable
  • Filter elements do not need to be replaced
  • Portable power pack permits regeneration in places where there is no mains power supply available