Catalytic Silencers

A catalytic silencer is literally a silencer with a catalytic converter inside it, and therefore gives a combination of a reduction of emissions plus a reduction of noise, all in one structure.

The main benefit compared to using separate components is that it saves space. Another benefit is that it might not attract the attention of thieves in the same way that a catalytic converter would. The only real drawback is that, when either the catalytic converter or the silencer fails, it is necessary to replace the whole assembly.

Blackthorn can design and supply catalytic silencers for diesel and gas engines of any size. The only situation in which they are not really suitable is where there are high levels of sulphur in the fuel, because the substrate cannot be removed for cleaning. As with all catalytic converters, they only work when the exhaust gas temperature is over a certain threshold, and therefore a catalytic silencer should be installed as the first component in the exhaust system, after the bellows.

Blackthorn uses advanced acoustic modelling software to design its silencers, so that the noise attenuation is optimised across the frequency range, and this software also predicts pressure drop so that we can be sure that this is within the limits specified by the engine manufacturer.

Catalytic silencers can be made from stainless or mild steel, and powder coated if required. They are passive components and don’t require any wiring, maintenance or commissioning, therefore we are happy to supply them to customers worldwide.

Catalytic silencer for a Diesel genset