Automatic On-board Cleaning

With this type of filter system, the driver doesn’t have to do anything apart from driving the vehicle and keeping an eye open for warning lights.

We distribute and support the SMF-AR filter system, which is made in Germany by HJS.

Cleaning is taken care of in two different ways. If the exhaust gas temperature is high enough, the filter cleans itself continuously (this is known as ‘passive regeneration’) but if the exhaust gas is too cold for this process to occur, and the back pressure reaches a certain level, a back-up plan is put into action whereby the soot is burnt off by an electric heater (known as ‘active regeneration’).

This system is very sophisticated and has advanced diagnostic capabilities, however it takes a long time to install and needs specialist maintenance. There is also a requirement to top it up with a liquid called ‘fuel-borne catalyst’ occasionally.

Because installation is complex, it is best to leave it in place for the life of the vehicle, and the original exhaust system is often removed or modified for this purpose. It is ideal for mobile applications with power outputs from 20 – 500 kW. The filtration efficiency is in excess of 97% and it is approved for use in most low-emission zones.

(Photo: Filter element from SMF-AR system)